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John Henderson, D.D.,CHt, CI

Dr.John Henderson is registered with the National Guild of Hypnotists and is a certified NGH instructor as well as a practicing hypnotherapist. He has been helping people heal themselves since 1998.

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The Doctoral Program in Spiritual Heal Arts is open to all certified hypnotherapists regardless of where you received your certificate. Classes Begin Monthly.

Services Include but are not limited to:

Remote Clearing

Smoking Ceseation

Past Life Regression

Cellular Regeneration

Soul Fragment Retreival

Will Power Enhancement

Spirit Releasement Therapy

Manifestation Enhancement

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Traumatic Event Reprogramming

Shadow Self Identification and Therapy

Weight Loss Using Cutting Edge Virtual Gastric Band (as seen on Dr. Ozz)


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NGH - GA Monthly Meeting TUESDAY, June 18

7:30 - 8:00 PM Light Refreshments, Networking

Topic: Sound Healing
Speaker: Michael Murphy Burke

 All matter is vibrating. We are vibrational beings. 

Therefore to be absorbed into sounds that create balance through binaural frequencies, isochronic tones, along with just soothing, beautiful instrumentation allows those sounds to absorb into us. These sounds are how all things are generated, created, actualized. 

A Sound Journey will complete the evening. In this musical/sound experience, you are caressing each string, cell and fiber of your being with universal tones that comfort and soothe, release and renew. 

Michael incorporates a variety of instruments including Himalayan bowls, gong, Shaman drum, chimes, Native American flute and spoken word.

Michael Murphy Burke was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on September 30, 1959.  This happens to be the same day that Rumi, the great Sufi mystic poet, was born. This is not a coincidence, as “coincidence is just God’s way of staying anonymous”. Michael grew up surrounded by music, art, passion, freedom of expression, and the absolute power of living on his own path.

He’s been a poet all his life, with his first published material being in his high school newspaper when he was a sophomore. More recently, he contributes steadily to Oracle Magazine and is also published in Aquarius Magazine and Conscious Life Journal. In addition to writing, Michael also creates artistic visions in a variety of woods for private clients as a custom woodworker. .





The National Guild of Hypnotists certification course begins monthly throughout 2019. Doctorate of Divinity in Spiritual Healing courses are scheduled regularly as each NGH class graduates. This degree program is open to all graduates of any National Guild certified course or other nationally recognized hypnotherapy program.

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